Karbon Electro

A portable keyboard for a nomad musician

I always wanted to learn piano, but how is this possible when I’m travelling all my life?
Should I drag a 1,5m long bag all around the world?

I never understood why no keyboard manufacturer ever thought of building a really portable keyboard. Is this so hard to put hinges in the middle of a keybed to make it foldable?

After years of misfortune trying to find the good portable keyboard, I decided to take the bull by the horns.
I bought a state of the art Nord Electro 4, cut it in half with a hacksaw put some hinges in the middle and fit it in a homemade lightweight carbon fiber cabinet.
I’ve been travelling worldwide with it for 5 years now, and it still plays great! 

So many people have been askind me about this hand made e-piano that I decided to dedicate a webpage to it. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll hack your own piano too!


Weight: 8,5Kg
Number of keys: 66
Cabinet: carbon & glass fiber
Engine: Nord Electro 4
Keybed: Nord Electro 4HP (Fatar heavy weighted piano touch)
Boxed weight: 11,8Kg
Boxed size: 53cm x 36cm x 24cm (OK as plane hand luggage)

-> It only has 66 keys as I wanted to be able to transport it as a hand luggage in planes, and I also wanted to have real piano keys. (53cm - bag&box width - edges) x 2 = 93cm, therefore only 66 piano keys fit.
-> I found easier to rebuild a cabinet than to transform the original Nord cabinet. As I was to rebuild the cabinet, I made it in carbon & glass fiber, to make it lightweight and more compact.

It is the only electric piano in the world that has a real heavy piano touch, high quality sounds and that can be taken as hand luggage in planes!
-> and in a car trunk without folding the back seats and moving all the stuff away ;-)

Building process

1. Get a brand new Nord Electro 4

2. Remove all unnecessary elements and cut the keybed in half

3. Build a carbon & glass fiber foldable cabinet

4. Install the keyboard components in the new cabinet, wire the two halves together

5. Enjoy the play

It is as simple as that!
Well, OK, it tool me around 140 working hours to make it, and I have to admit that there were quite a few difficulties. But still, here’s the proof that it’s doable! And the result worths it ;-)

More pictures

Where did the keyboard spread its sound?

I brought my Karbon Electro with me all around the world during work missions at sea or leasure travels.
So far it went to:

- France
- Belgium
- Brazil
- Scotland
- Argentina
- Chili
- United Kingdom
- Germany
- Spain
- Antarctica 

About me

People call me Baptistou.
Despite having a graduate engineer diploma from a high school, I never spent more than 48 hours in an office. I like all kind of field experience & travels.
I started my career by going to the Kerguelen Islands, one of the most remote an wild place in the world (Indian Ocean, subantarctic islands), to manage all scientific activities that occur there. Luckily there was a good piano at the base, this is where I decided to start playing.
Instead of coming back to civilization one year later, I got onboard tall ships and sailed all around the Atlantic Ocean for a couple of years. No keyboard available there, I tried to learn a bit of guitar.
The time to earn a bit of money coming, I entered the offshore world, as subsea robot pilot & technician. I worked all around the world, and sailed again between work missions. I definitely needed a portable keyboard to carry on playing piano.
I’ve also been managing the subsea robot department of an offshore works company for a few years, but I continued to go on field instead of staying at the mother office.
Today, I’m still a pretty bad piano player, but I carry on going offshore and still travel a lot, with my Karbon Electro!

And now?

At this time I have no concrete plans of building more foldable keyboards. I am still planning to travel around, and I give most of my time setting up my next project: travel in wild areas using a sailplane powered only by renewable energies. But that’s another story...

However, may you simply like my Karbon Electro, or even be inspired and need advice to build yours, let’s keep in touch!